Montag, 30. Juli 2012

Invitation to all: great philosophical event in #SL !

Invitation to all: great philosophical event in #SL!

Famous philosopher Gary Zabel (in SL known as Georg Janick) gives a lecture at Pegasus library!
Pegasus library in SL is owned by BukTom Bloch and it`s a uncommercial library with many books, mostly in german language.
BukTom Blochs RL - Avatar (Burkhard Tomm-Bub, M.A.) lives in germany, in Ludwigshafen.
A famous son of this city was the philosopher Ernst Bloch, too!
Gary Zabel / Georg Janick is a PhD from the USA.  He is teaching in the Philosophy Department at the University of Massachusetts at Boston since 1989.
And now he will tell us a lecture about the philosopher Ernst Bloch.
We are very proudly present this!

It is coming soon: on Friday, 03. of August 2012, at 23 Uhr german time 
(2 PM PDT ).

It will take about 45 minutes, we suppose.
You can hear it with voice activated, language is english.
You are very cordially invited to it!
Here is the slurl:
And here a little youtube - clip (location):

Much luck in all worlds!
BukTom Bloch

Sonntag, 22. Juli 2012

‎#SL #Secondlife #Pegasus #Kalevala #Kalewala #Finnland #Suomi

‎#SL #Secondlife #Pegasus #Kalevala #Kalewala #Finnland #Suomi - Dank an Stefani Bode für die Idee!

Ab sofort bei Pegasus free und full perm wie immer (Bücherburg, 1 OG). DAS finnische, mythologische Epos schlechthin! Zum Umblättern, mit zusätzlichem reinen Textband und inklusive Info - Begleitbuch. Demnächst auch kostenfrei im marketplace.

Freitag, 20. Juli 2012

Die wahren ST/A/Rs werden (ganzseitig) aktiv! #SL - Kultur in der Presse!

Bekanntes Magazin aus Österreich (ST/A/R) berichtet ganzseitig über die deutschsprachige Kultur- und Literaturszene in Second Life.
Mehr Info demnächst!